#TBT Me & My Little Cuz

me and jenny (1)

Growing up an only child, people often wondered if I was lonely and encouraged my parents to have more kids to keep me company.  Thing is, I was never lonely. I had a kind of built-in little sister in a younger cousin I spent a lot of time with. We played. We fought. Just like sisters. She’d cry if I didn’t let her play with my toys, then she’d break them and cry some more, and since I was three years older, I was always the one to get in trouble (not that sometimes it wasn’t my fault). Just like sisters.

My little cuz has grown up into an amazing woman. She’s clever. She’s capable. She blows stuff up (that’s what you do when you’re a ph.d detonation physicist). She has two beautiful boys. If there’s anyone I’d be glad to share ice cream with, it’s my little cuz, even if my 6 year old self might not have been so keen.


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