Pugs not Drugs


Every Monday I like to feature artwork that softens the start of a new week with a smile and a dose of that fluttery satisfied feeling of having just spent time with a good friend.

Way back in 2010 I remember coming across artist Gemma Correll’s work in a card shop in Richmond, London. The greeting cards had a pug in all sorts of pug-like positions, including sitting atop a girl’s head (yes really, pugs will do that if you let them), sitting alone looking grumpy (that too), with the catch phrase “Pugs are so hot right now.” Having our own little snufflelicious pug, of course I had to buy those cards. And the little cotton tote that proclaimed “Pugs Not Drugs.”

Fast forward five years and Gemma Correll has published a number of humourous books on pugs and cats, and has quite a prolific body of work. I love her sense of humour and of course, I particularly love the pugs.

Ms Correll very kindly gave me permission to share her lovely work here with you (and she sent snort-snuffle greetings from her own pugs. How sweet is that?).

Hope you have a lovely Monday!