What you get when you put together actors, super hot chillis, 30 pints of milk, and Shakespeare.

Never have I felt so much empathy for the characters as in this video.

I am literally crying. With laughter. And with thanks that I don’t have to do what they did.

Happy Thanksgiving Monday peeps!



Countdown continues, the days rushing headlong one into the other. I feel a little topsy turvy, working on my writing course in the mornings and my manuscript in the evenings. In between is ticking boxes on my to-do list. On Tuesday five big boxes were filled with towels and bedding and pots and pans to arrive at our new house next week, just in time for hubs to move in. Every day brings a new form of some sort to complete, customs, packing lists, school applications. I’ll be glad when the all the hoo-ha is done with. Admin truly sucks.

But today I had a treat. After a week of thunderstorms, finally a beautiful sunset.

Low Tech Let It Go

Sometimes a little imagination is a lot more effective than expensive special effects—aptly demonstrated by the genius of the Star Wars 4,5,6 episodes vs the disappointing Star Wars 1,2,3.

Check out this favvulous low-tech real-life drag version of that famous mountain-top scene. Happy Monday!

Niseko Adventures—Part II

Sorry for the long absence. Household has been a little chaotic with comings and goings. My husband left for the UK last week, and my mom headed home to Canada today. So now it’s back to me and the kid. Hubby will be back in a few weeks and the whole household will be heading off into the sunset. Or sunrise, as it were.

Catching up with my Friday Armchair Travels, I promised a Part II to my Niseko Adventures. We spent a couple weeks in the summer in Niseko, staying again at Hirafu town but in a small cottage.

Country lanes

Coming from polluted, traffic congested Hong Kong, Niseko is literally lungfuls of fresh air. Niseko has a wonderful easy pace of life. Gorgeous green lanes that induce calm.


The train station is a single room affair, without any staff at all.
Hirafu Train Station

Behind it is the ski resort, with the pistes carved out from the blanket of pine trees. We took the gondola up one super hot day and found the cool air up there a delicious escape.Ski resort

The railtrack was a single line that extended straight into the distant trees. It made me feel like Spirited Away had come to life.

Quiet countryside

Hirafu town, and actually everywhere in the area, is dominated by Mt Yotei, a constant presence.
Hirafu crossroads

When I travel I have a list of three basic criteria. A place has to hit two of the three. Scenery. Food. Accommodation. Niseko hits all three. And having awesome coffee gets it bonus points.

Green Farm Cafe in Hirafu town has it right. I really wanted to take their neon sign home and put it above my computer. Give me COFFEE and no one gets hurt. So true. We did a fair few morning runs for coffee to fortify ourselves before dropping our little one off at camp.

Give me coffee and no one gets hurt

Give me coffee and no one gets hurt

But my favourite coffee hands down was Mountain Kiosk Coffee. DELICIOUS in a cup!

Mountain Kiosk Coffee

We also went camping, which I’ve never thought of as my thing. But Japanese camp grounds are so well equipped, and so damned clean, it really was a joy. We spent a day at Lake Toya, with its crazy clear waters. (Click on the panorama pics to embiggen)

Lake Toya
Lake Toya
Camping at Lake Toya

We even set up our own tent, despite the instructions being so tiny and in Japanese  only local nano-bots would be able to read them. Pretty chuffed.Our first ever tent!

The one negative was we got absolutely eaten alive by some tiny midge-like bugs. Only now, three months later, are my scabs finally healing over and the itching has actually subsided. Awful. I had to soak my legs in ice water (the water from the taps was super cold, lovely in the heat) pretty much every few hours to make the itching bearable.


Thankfully however, we did NOT get stung by these bad boys. Suzumebachi, aka Japanese killer hornets. One of them was flying around our car near Rakuichi, the soba place. We got in the car pronto and kept all the windows rolled up tight. The thing was four inches long. These guys sting multiple times, and keep stinging. Their venom can apparently dissolve human skin. Not anything I want to experience. Ever.ōsuzumebachi

In summer not as many of the restaurants are open, but we did get a tasty selection of summer season fare. Niseko Ramen with its potato ramen was to die for. You first bought a little ticket for whatever dish you wanted from this vending machine, gave your ticket to the waitress and they then bring you your food. No faffing around at the end waiting for your bill. Fabulous idea.

Vending Machine Niseko Ramen

We had soba on quite a few days, since it was pretty hot. Really refreshing.

We really wanted to try Rakuichi’s soba. Master Tatsuru-San is an ex-architect who quit to make soba, and is now reknown for his soba. Unfortunately we got denied the lunchtime we went since they don’t accept children under 12 in their restaurant. Instead, we hired a babysitter and made a dinner reservation. Rakuichi—denied!

The place at night is pretty magical. You cross over a wooden bridge, to the small restaurant. Only 12 seats.Walkway to Rakuichi

We had a gorgeous kaiseki dinner. Everything beautifully presented, perfectly executed. We were very lucky as in the winter it’s almost impossible to get a booking.


Next to Rakuichi was the amazing house. One of the staff told us this is Master Tatsuru-San’s son’s house. House next to Rakuichi

Niseko is famous for its potatoes and for its dairy. Niseko Gelato was a new place, and had these amazing spoons that changed colour when they got cold.

Niseko Gelato

Good gelato, but my favourite is definitely Ruhiel. I’ve never tasted anything as good as their plum gelato. Soooo yummy.Ruhiel Gelato

Cheese tarts and cream puffs are another local speciality. Just amazing.

Amazing Cream Puffs

Milk Kobo had some great cheese tarts, and I’ve heard their cream puffs are also amazing, but we always managed to miss the Kobo cream puffs. We will have to try the cream puffs out next time. Kobo was another place where you did the vending machine tickets first, then gave the tickets to the staff in exchange for your yummies.Milk Kobo

Niseko Supply Company was our go-to breakfast place. Great coffee, great crepes, and AMAZING fluffy ricotta pancakes. Sigh. Floofy fluffy ricotta pancakes

There was a cow parade on during our visit. Lots of cows all over Niseko. Makes for an interesting landscape.Cow Parade

The farmers market was too cute. Every product had a little postcard that included a photo of the person who made/farmed the product. Really personal approach.

Farmers market

And one of my favourite activities, visiting the cherry orchard! The cherries were delicious. Three different kinds, rainiers, small bright red ones, and huge dark ones. That place is heaven. Just minus the scary hornets.

Cherry Picking