Interview with A.Y. Chao on Scrivathon 2016

With one month to go til the Scrivathon, we’re getting everything ready. Testing out the word count application, and I’ll be putting up the rest of the raffle prizes over the weekend.
Meanwhile some awesome Scrivathoners are blogging about Scrivathong. Here Hoda interviews me about the event for her blog.

Ready, Set, Write!

I had the chance to interview Alice on the upcoming Scrivathon. She tells me all about the event, and how to participate in the charity word sprint.

1. Hi, Alice. Thank you so much for doing this. Can you tell us about Scrivathon and when it’s taking place?

Alice : Scrivathon is a 24 hour write-athon, open to everyone who wants to join. For those who wish to support Syria Relief, our chosen charity, we have a fundraising team on Individuals can create their own fundraising page and link it to the team page so that their total contributes to the event total.  

For those who would simply like to donate, we have a dedicated donation page here: and a have a host of incredible raffle prizes so anyone who would like to donate can enter for a chance to win.  

The Scrivathon takes place wherever…

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