Milestones Matter!

I read this wonderful thread on Twitter from Julia Brandt. She’s inspired me to live a little more in the moment. I tend to downplay achievements, and hold off on celebrations. I am queen of delayed reaction. Because life and adulting get in the way, often the celebration gets left by wayside. So these are things I’m celebrating!

I was a finalist in the Colorado Gold contest, and while I was pretty disappointed not to place in the top three, I am pretty chuffed I made it to the top 5 in a category that wasn’t a perfect fit (Speculative Fiction for my Urban Fantasy).


The sting of not placing the Colorado Gold contest was soothed by winning first place in the RWA Indiana Golden Opportunities contest. WHOOHOOO!! A nice grown up dinner out on Thursday will be the perfect celebration.

I’m also almost finished rewrites on my MS–I completely reworked the plot thanks to some invaluable insight from Rebecca Petruck. Half is already with my editor… next half coming up this week. I’m excited and stoked.

Celebrating the little wins feels really good. 🙂 My new motto: Milestones matter!


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