Scrivathon: 51,649 words $3115 in 24 hours for Syria Relief

24 hours to write as many words as possible and fundraise for Syria Relief-that was our goal. We finished sprinting, and as a team we raised $3115 for Syria Relief and wrote 40,349 words. A fantastic result all around. Everyone who made this happen should be very proud of their efforts. The wonderful sponsors who generously donated amazing prizes. All those who donated their time and money to help support the event. And our wonderful team members who fundraised. These are:

  • Adele Buck
  • Alexandria Sturtz
  • Christina Dwivedi
  • Dante Medema
  • Erin Cosyn
  • Kim Cohen
  • Lyla Lawless
  • Maria Guglielmo
  • Morgan Hazelwood
  • Nola Sarina
  • Racquel Kechagias
  • Sara Mortensen
  • The Winged Pen

Our two top fundraisers were Maria Guglielmo and Morgan Hazelwood raising a whopping $725 and $700 respectively.

I cafe hopped as I wrote, visiting 5 different cafes and restaurants over 14 hours, heading home for the final stretch. A fun caffeine fuelled day.

And here are the winners of our raffle prizes!

  • Query and first five pages critique from literary agent Beth Phelan won by Jay Perin
  • A spot at Story Masters, a 4 day workshop with Donald Maas, Christopher Vogler, and James Scott Bell from Free-Expressions (travel and accommodation and other costs not included) won by Brooke Hartman.
  • 3 chapter edit from editor Katelyn Uplinger won by Maria Guglielmo
  • 50 page edit from editor Kellie Doherty won by Joseph Layden
  • 50 page edit from author Dana Alison Levy won by Ben Langhinrichs
  • One month’s book coaching with author and editor Tiffany Hoffman won by Sara Mikulic
  • Ten page critique from author Maria Guglielmo won by Matt Mutshnick
  • Five page critique from author Brenda Drake won by Candace Davenport
  • Scrivener Mac won by Barbara Penner
  • Scrivener Windows won by Vicki Weevil
  • Five page critique from author Suzanne Purvis won by Lori Fulton
  • 3 three chapter edit from Author Accelerator won by Candace Davenport, Matt Mutshnick, and Marsha Wallace
  • Plot Consultation with Rebecca Petruck won by Christina Dwivedi
  • Query and first page critique from The Winged Pen won by Matt Mutshnick

All winners have been notified by email. If you haven’t received your prize details, please get in touch!


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