The Hermit Leaves Her Cave

I’ve been hibernating, holed up in my own head. A caterpillar in a cocoon would be an apt metaphor, but bugs creep me out, so I won’t go there.

A new WIP has set a cracking little fire beneath my finger tips. I’m super excited about this story, a YA fantasy inspired by Philip Pullman’s LA BELLE SAUVAGE. Let me introduce you to THE WATERCLANS: a mishmash of Shakespearean tropes–a sprinkle of Hamlet with an evil power-hungry uncle, a dash of The Tempest with a parent and child cast out of society, and a pinch of gender role-reversal, all shaken together with a retelling of Romeo and Juliet where the star-crossed lovers are politically savvy instead of tragically suicidal.

I haven’t felt this fired up about a story in a long time. Most mornings it’s tap tap tap from 5 am til the time my mini Kraken emerges from her slumber and adulting takes over. She’s at camp this week and next so I have glorious empty hours to fill with words words words. Can you tell I’m excited?

My goal is to finish the manuscript by the end of the month. It’s gonna be tight, but I’m 45 years young this year. If I’m gonna live on the edge I better get started! Thus far I have 8,500 words. The aim is 80,000. 71,500 to go.

Send coffee please. I’m going to need it.