What you get when you put together actors, super hot chillis, 30 pints of milk, and Shakespeare.

Never have I felt so much empathy for the characters as in this video.

I am literally crying. With laughter. And with thanks that I don’t have to do what they did.

Happy Thanksgiving Monday peeps!


Low Tech Let It Go

Sometimes a little imagination is a lot more effective than expensive special effects—aptly demonstrated by the genius of the Star Wars 4,5,6 episodes vs the disappointing Star Wars 1,2,3.

Check out this favvulous low-tech real-life drag version of that famous mountain-top scene. Happy Monday!

Pugs not Drugs


Every Monday I like to feature artwork that softens the start of a new week with a smile and a dose of that fluttery satisfied feeling of having just spent time with a good friend.

Way back in 2010 I remember coming across artist Gemma Correll’s work in a card shop in Richmond, London. The greeting cards had a pug in all sorts of pug-like positions, including sitting atop a girl’s head (yes really, pugs will do that if you let them), sitting alone looking grumpy (that too), with the catch phrase “Pugs are so hot right now.” Having our own little snufflelicious pug, of course I had to buy those cards. And the little cotton tote that proclaimed “Pugs Not Drugs.”

Fast forward five years and Gemma Correll has published a number of humourous books on pugs and cats, and has quite a prolific body of work. I love her sense of humour and of course, I particularly love the pugs.

Ms Correll very kindly gave me permission to share her lovely work here with you (and she sent snort-snuffle greetings from her own pugs. How sweet is that?).

Hope you have a lovely Monday!

Leggo my Lego

Ric Tse’s “Deep Water Bay”

I have spent many happy days enjoying just this view, hanging with dear friends and enjoying the sun and sand. Ocean Park is in the background and Middle Island, home to an outpost of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, is the pointy one in the foreground.

Photographer Ric Tse combines a child-like delight with a painstaking attention to detail to capture iconic Hong Kong scenes in his collection “Legography.” Some of his work is highly political commentary on Hong Kong events (the Occupy Protests is just one of his treatment subjects), but this one, “Deep Water Bay” is full of happy memories and makes me smile every time I look at it. I hope it brings you a smile too.

Mr Tse and Picture This Gallery have kindly given me permission to share on my blog his work “Deep Water Bay.” Enjoy!

A Cheeky Monday Morning

Scarlett Hooft Graafland's White, 2004 from her Roofs, Iceland collection.

Scarlett Hooft Graafland’s ‘White’ from her 2004 Roofs, Iceland collection.

Mondays can be tough. Sometimes a double, even a triple shot of espresso, isn’t enough to dispel the heavy fog that can cling to the start of the week. When that happens, what could be better than a thrilling little zing to the brain and a cheeky smile to part the clouds and perk up your mood?

Photographer Scarlett Hooft Graafland has just that perfect mix of Alice in Wonderland humour, a dash of whimsy and a splash of fairytale, all mixed up into a visually stunning, brain teasing cocktail. I get a happy flutter in my chest whenever I look at her work, especially this one, entitled “White” which Ms Graafland has kindly allowed me to share on my blog. It’s my antidote to Monday morning blahs. Hope it brings you a smile too.