Fundraising for #Scrivathon16

How to create a personal fundraising page on, and then link to the Scrivathon 2016 team page so your fundraising will be included in the #Scrivathon16 total.

1. Sign up to

2. At the top of the page, click the orange Start fundraising buttonstart-fundraising

3. Choose A charity and click Start fundraising


4. Type Syria Relief and click Select next to the charity name.


5. Choose Organised Event


6. Click Add your own to continue


7. Choose It’s a something else, called Scrivathon 2016, and choose your personal fundraising page address. Choose something easy like your name to share with your friends. Choose No for both questions, check whether to opt in on marketing from the charity, then click Create your page.


8. Now go to Halfway down next to Team Members click Join the team


9. Select your individual fundraising page (the one you just made), and click Join Team


10. All done! Your individual page now appears as part of the team page for Scrivathon 2016, so your fundraising goals will be counted as part of the global team total.

11. Join the Facebook Group #Scrivathon16: and get moving and shaking and writing! 😀